LED Bars - Introduction
LED lighting solutions for precise growth control
LED Bars - Introduction

LED Bars systems are intended primarily for growing plants under controlled light condition, typically in controlled environment chambers or greenhouses. They provide high homogeneity of irradiance at a wide range of distances between the LED bars and the plants. The standard model is equipped with 5.700 K cool white LEDs, but other colors are available according to customer needs. Light intensity can be regulated precisely between 1 to 100 % of total power.

Basic Compact LED Bars can be controlled by PSI’s Light Controller LC 200 hardware module or Light Studio Software. Both enable custom-designed protocols with precise control of light period, intensity and light modulation (ramping etc.). More sophisticated Custom LED Bars may be controlled via advanced Light Manager Software.

LED-bars are manufactured as two solutions:

  • Compact LED Bars
  • Custom LED Bars Systems

The Compact LED Bar system is self-contained and does not require special installation from manufacturer. It comprises 12 LED bars with an integrated power source. The dimension of the module is 998 x 160 x 965 mm.

The Custom LED Bar System is a modular solution designed to fit the client’s specifiations, with multiple LED Bars combined in different configurations and with different distances between them. The dimension of a single module can be specified in the range of 20 cm to 4 m. The entire installation can be regulated by one control station. However, each LED module, or different segments within the installation, can be controlled independently.