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Development and manufacture of high-end instrumentation for research in the biological sciences

PSI (Photon Systems Instruments) is a high-tech company located close to the industrial city of Brno in the southern part of the Czech Republic. For more than 25 years PSI has been specializing in the design and manufacture of sophisticated, high-end instrumentation for research in the biological sciences. The company is a world expert in manufacturing instrumentation for advanced measurement and imaging of optical signals in plants and algae, particularly in the field of chlorophyll fluorescence/reflectance techniques. The instrumentation we have developed is used for monitoring a wide range of physiological signals from individual cells to mature crop plants.

As the first company to offer a chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system, PSI is at the forefront of digital image acquisition and processing. Our team of professionals comprises numerous plant scientists and engineers with extensive expertise in optics, electronics, software development and automatisation. At PSI we strive to provide the plant science community with an innovative, ever-broadening range of high-quality scientific instruments to realize research goals.

Currently, PSI's main product lines include: (1) devices for chlorophyll fluorescence measurement and advanced imaging; (2) high-tech photobioreactors and other algal cultivators; (3) intelligent growth chambers and cultivation rooms; (4) customized PlantScreenTM Phenotyping Systems; (5) a range of novel LED light sources for plant cultivation and research; and (6) hand-held devices for monitoring chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics, plant reflective indices and spectral characteristics of natural and artificial light. In the past few years, we have combined our expertise in plant science, robotics, engineering and software to develop next-generation phenotyping solutions (PlantScreenTM Systems), designed for automated phenotyping (under controlled environments and in the field) of plants ranging from arabidopsis to mature maize. Our new Plant Phenotyping Research Centre is open to visitors who wish to view our technology in action> Fee for service phenotyping is also offered

All of PSI's products are designed by plant scientist for plant scientists. Our production techniques and technologies are environmentally friendly. The reliability of our products and our post-purchase support are second to none. We have a global system of experienced distributors that provide direct contact and technical support to customers all over the world.

Our Vision

In PSI we specialize in manufacturing and development of innovative, scientific instrumentation for research and industry in plant and algal/bacterial biology field. We offer devices for laboratory, greenhouse and field research in plant and algal physiology areas with focus on phenotyping, cultivation and monitoring. Our expertise lies in chlorophyll fluorescence detection and imaging, LED light illumination, cultivation and monitoring. Our portfolio includes both small hand-held devices and large high-throughput systems customized to user’s specific requirements.

Our facility is located in Drásov, a little town not far from Brno, second largest city in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic is a country in the heart of Europe known by its friendly and skilled people. Some of the products originated here are well known around the world: Pilsner beer, soft contact lenses, lightning rod, sugar cubes, ship screw propeller as well as the polarographic method, blood group system and Mendelian inheritance. We are proud to be followers of this great tradition of Czech inventions and offering to our customers a high quality and innovative instruments.

Since the beginning we work in close interaction with range of national and international academical institutions, we actively participate in innovative projects and also international training programs. We believe that continuous investment into research and development is the key to provide our customers high-end instrumentations that can meet the specific requirements.

Our goal is to consult with you your project to ensure that our technology and proposed solutions are configured to meet your needs precisely. The team of our R&D professionals with expertise in biology, optics, electronics and software development can help to shape your specific project to meet precisely your requirements.

In PSI we like to work together to provide the community innovative, ever-broadening range of high-quality scientific instruments. Our vision is to realize the goals of your research by close interaction with our customers.
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Our Partners

Over last ten years, the PSI company has established a global network of reliable distributors located close to our customers. They provide on-site consultations and serve as partners for sale, service, training, and support.

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Since the beginning we work in PSI in close interaction with range of national and international academical institutions and we actively participate in range of innovative projects.

PSI participates in a number of national and international projects supported by the Czech government, other European and international governments, and European Economic Space (EES) Organization. Since several years we are also involved in international training programs such as ITN Marier-Curie Actions.

We believe that continuous investment into research and development is the key to provide our customers high-end instrumentations that can meet the specific requirements.

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PSI Research Center

Our vision is to provide biological and technical support to our customers and facilitate proof of concept validations of the projects prior realization.

At PSI plants are the basis for most of our research. We have decades of experience in developing innovative technology for both the environmentally controlled cultivation of plants and for sophisticated non-invasive analysis of various plant traits. For this reason we established the PSI Research Center where the newest high-end technology is available for your research.

The mission of the PSI Plant Phenotyping Research Center is to provide state-of-art infrastructure for plant cultivation and automated high-throughput phenotyping of wide range of phenotypic plant traits among various plant species under precisely controlled environmental conditions.

We offer access to cutting edge instruments and provide professional support of highly skilled technical and scientific personnel. Infrastructure of the PSI Plant Phenotyping Research Center is available for use by visiting scientists and on fee-for-service basis for a wide range of phenotyping and plant cultivation experiments.

The Plant Phenotyping Research Center operates high-end walk-in growth chambers for precise growth of plants and PlantScreenTM platforms for automated phenotyping of small and mid-size plants small and mid-size plants in controlled environment (e.g. turfgrass, Arabidopsis thaliana) and for cultivation and monitoring of larger crop plants up to 1.5 meter in height in semi-controlled greenhouse environment.


  • Perform your own research supported by the PSI scientific team
  • Choose a complete phenotyping service performed by the PSI researchers
  • Make your students skilled: diploma work or Ph.D. positions are opened at PSI Research Center
  • Cooperate with us and turn your remarkable ideas into reality


  • Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems
  • High-End LED based plant growth facilities
  • Modern laboratory (molecular biology, analytics, microbiology)
  • Newest PSI instrumentation and technology
  • Accommodation directly in the PSI Research Center

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